You Know Best




You Know Best


My heart  faints in this desert land

where water’s needed from your Word

I see the fruit of wicked thoughts

and wonder how you bear what’s heard


The raucous songs of sinful tongues

are sung along this earthly road

where victims of the lyrics lie

without a peaceful place to go


Even within the rooms of homes

others can harm those in their care

 again I wonder how You stand

to see such hurting everywhere


Yet I still hope upon your grace

that You know best and see it all

For not one hair of your servant’s head

goes unnoticed when it falls.


Wendy ❀ 2014


At night,

when I rest my head on my pillow,

 my thoughts usually turn to the news and events of the day.

Recently I asked God how He can stand it all.

How can He bear the sounds of crying mothers,

and how does He cope with the broken hearts of fathers

who struggle to protect their families?

The morning after asking God these questions,

I found today’s verses and posted them on these pictures.


Old pains

won’t come to mind

on the new earth.


Joyful Heart Blessings ~ Wendy ❀



4 thoughts on “You Know Best

  1. When I think of the lucrative “kiddie porn’ market and the abuse of so many innocent children, I wonder why He doesn’t wipe mankind off this earth. I’m sure it must break His heart to see these evils done in secret, and perpetuated in the broken lives that result.

    • Christine, the only comfort I can think of is that those atrocities will not be remembered by the victims once they’re in Heaven. It’s no wonder the earth will be melted down and remade. We’ve covered it with ugly scars. Praise God for the beautiful wounds in His Son’s hands and side or we’d all be eternally lost. ❀

  2. Such a beautiful thought in the midst of this weeks’ evil. Thank you, Wendy, for the reminder that in the end, we really DO win! 🙂

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