On Either Side



On Either Side


On either side of Jesus

sinful men were hung

Guilty as charged of thievery

for the things they’d done


One of them joined in

with the mocking crowd

His voice part of the chorus

that jeered and taunted loud


The other man refrained

for he knew he was wrong

and he chastised the other

reminding him they belonged


 He said Jesus was righteous

and didn’t deserve to die

And that they should be afraid

to be adding to the cries


Then he turned to Jesus

and asked if he could be

remembered by the Lord

when He entered eternity


When Jesus saw his faith

 He replied assuredly

that he’d be with Him that day

 in Paradise eternally.


Wendy ❀ 2014


This poem is based on one of my favorite Bible passages.

Jesus saves us.

 It’s not our religious activities that make us righteous.

Good works are an outcome of having been saved

and not the means to salvation.

It’s all about Jesus.


Easter Blessings ~ Wendy



12 thoughts on “On Either Side

  1. It could have been me . . . for I am no better than they who were hung right next to Jesus. Praise the Lord . . . we all can come to the cross with our sin and receive His grace and mercy. ~ Blessings and a joyful Easter to you and yours ~

    • Deborah Ann, your words are what I felt about myself as I watched the movie ‘The Passion’. He bore the stripes for us all. Blessings, dear poet friend. ❀

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