Catch Me When I Fall


The Lord is gracious and compassionate,

slow to anger and rich in love.

The Lord is good to all;

he has compassion on all he has made.

Psalm 145:8-9


Catch Me When I Fall


I know better than I behave

my actions paint my heart so small

You’ve taught me so much and so well

But please catch me when I fall


I do what I thought I shouldn’t

and do what I ought hardly at all

I’ve painted dimly the light of You

But  please catch me when I fall


I know your patience is abundant

and mercy paints a tree red and tall

love spilled through the blood of grace

Each time You catch me when I fall.




When Ian and I walked through a nearby park

 this maple leaf holding the smaller leaf caught my attention.

I thought to myself,

“This is a poem.”

It amazes me how often I’ve experienced God’s tender mercy

cushioning my falls so that I’m not entirely crushed and lost.

He has been faithful in continuing what He has started.


His Faithful Blessings ~ Wendy




13 thoughts on “Catch Me When I Fall

  1. I will never think of a leaf falling in the same way I use to. This touched me for I know there are many times the Lord has not let me fall or He has cushioned the blow! ~ Blessings ~

  2. Oh Wendy, this is all so wonderful. I love the way you’ve painted His gracious, compassionate love–to catch us when we fall; and the honesty, that we fail and fall more than we want to, but it never changes His great love for us. And of course I love your thought: “this is a poem”. YES, that’s the way we think!! God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo (PS: I’m having a birthday party for Deb on my blog Thursday–you’re invited!!)

  3. Wonderful imagery in photos and words! Reminds me of Elisabeth Eliot’s reminder she gave listeners to her radio program “and underneath are the Everlasting Arms.” Blessings ~ Laura

    • Thank you, Laura! I’ll bet she is wonderful to listen to; I’ve read two of her books… now I’m wondering where they are – I have bookshelves all over the house. 🙂

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