Maker of the Seas



Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?”

Matthew 14:31



 Maker of the Seas


They’re rolling in again

waves higher than my craft

threatening to topple all

and be done with me at last


I’m lulled into the surf

focusing on white-capped giants

forgetting the God of all comfort

in whom should be my reliance


I shout into the storm

“Why must I be here again?”

while letting go of oars

doubt’s become my sinking sin


Then I recall a fisherman

who walked on water a bit

until his eyes wandered

and he sank beside his ship


He shouted to his Master

“Lord, save me from this sea!”

and of course the One who made it

could rescue so easily


So each storm is but a trial

each wave is just a test

If I keep my eyes on Jesus

no gale can ruin my rest.




The last few weeks have been so testy that I keep waking up at night with a sinking feeling in my chest. Each time I grasp onto a bible verse as my lifesaver. Then I fall back to sleep.

Yesterday, I specifically asked God for his peace to return fully. I told him that I missed it so much. When I was about to get into bed I remembered how encouraging the songs had been at church on Sunday and how an idea had come for a poem. So I wrote the rough draft for this poem and then went to sleep.

It was the most restful sleep I’ve had in weeks. I woke up with a heart full of peace. The storm is still here; but I am not sinking. My eyes have been refocused onto the Maker of the seas.


Do you have a favorite bible verse that you say to yourself during stress?


Peaceful Blessings ~ Wendy

PS – Toby Mac is great to listen to when you need a lift… here’s a link to click on:


29 thoughts on “Maker of the Seas

  1. All of this is so wonderful, Wendy. I love how you share your experience, and the poem is so beautiful (the photos, pure Heaven!). Keeping you in my daily prayers always–God bless you BIG. love, sis Caddo

  2. I was in a stressful situation several years ago with a job change that required me to be away from home during the week until I could get the family moved. Each night, Psalm 23 was my pillow and my “hearts-ease.”

    • I am learning so much about Psalm 23 from that book you told me about. Our God is such a gentle and gracious Shepherd. I’ll bet your family missed you just as much as you missed them.

  3. I almost welled up with tears reading this poem and your story that followed. The past few months have been emotionally tumultuous, but God has been the steady Hand. I am rejoicing alongside you that you had peace last night. I love the image of resting in His hands, that He knows exactly what’s going on with us and will see us through. The peace comes when our eyes can shift focus from the “waves” and re-center on Him alone. Thank you for this reminder. How He loves us!!

    Some of my favorite verses when I am needing peace are: Psalm 37:4–“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart”, and these that seem to be coming at my husband and myself from every angle–Isaiah 40:30-31–“Even youths will faint and be weary, and the young will fall exhausted; but those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not be faint.”

    Let’s keep our eyes on the author and perfecter of our faith! We will not sink! Blessings–Alison

    • Alison, I love those verses too. Moving is one of the top stresses to go through;congratulations on surviving and thriving.

      The skills we learn from our “storm” experiences help us to stay afloat in the upcoming trials. I need to “lift my eyes to the Maker of the mountains I can’t climb,” all the time.

      Blessings, dear friend ~ Wendy

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this heart-felt poem. Thanks for showing us all that Christ can be trusted as we walk with Him, no matter the circumstances…
    Here is picture I took the other day … …When I walk by it on my walk, God reminds me that at times we don’t get to travel with familiar comforts but must walk along paths where all we have is Jesus …. I will pray, Wendy!

    • I’ve been wondering about that, dear Ian. Sticking to it through thick and thin with our kids and pets will be more than what I experienced in my first family… so glad we’re doing it together. xo

  5. In a different storm Jesus slept while the disciples fretted. Wish I was more like Jesus on this, but maybe He had a better pillow. May you find such a “cushion”.

  6. Very beautiful – I asked God yesterday and today to help and guide me to be restored in His peace. Your poem was my answer to renewed peace in Him. I am praise our Heavenly Father for His loving care for us.

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