Unconditional Love



Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

1 Corinthians 13:6-7



Unconditional Love


Love opens up the heart

as sunshine does a flower

In the security of its arms

it enables and empowers


Love brings out the beauty

as the sun awakens day

It rejoices in what is lovely

revealing faith that has prayed


Love nourishes and builds up

as raindrops reaching roots

It’s steadfast through all seasons

believing the best and the truth


Love is not a fleeting feeling

but an action quite devout

It’s commitment and sacrifice

even when the fun’s run out.




In August, Ian and I will have been married for thirty years. I am full of thanksgiving to the Lord for being our strength and joy through the fun times and the difficult times. Life is not easy; however, the journey of life has truly been twice as nice shared with my best friend.

 God has used marriage and parenthood to teach me what unconditional love is: staying the course even when it hurts. We’ve been blessed to have more ups than downs. Being totally committed is like having a rose garden arbor secured with cement rather than simply placing the posts, as is, into the earth. Our relationship is made Rock solid by both our faith and our focus – Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone of our marriage.

Cornerstone Blessings ~ Wendy

*** I am taking a break from this blog and greenlightlady for a few weeks,  as of July.***

 Happy summer! xo


And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13



29 thoughts on “Unconditional Love

  1. Your thoughts on what true love involves are refreshing, like a gentle rain – our world has so blown things off-kilter, hasn’t it, when it comes to the definition of love? Enjoy your holiday! 🙂

      • After all these months and posts and comments, I suppose I should tell you that “vonhonnauldt,” according to my grandmother, was the old world spelling of our last name. I have no problem with “Von,” in fact, like it, but my name is really Clarence. You can keep on with “Von” if you’d like.

        Once again, congratulations, and have a wonderful time off. Looking forward to your return.

  2. God continues His encouragement to us through the beauty of His creation and your words! Thank you for sharing them with us! God’s blessings to you during your time away!

  3. God bless you Wendy. What a wonderful post, and I pray you have a wonderful hiatus in July. You will be missed, but I too may be taking off for a month, unless I find a computer to use when I go to Georgia. May the Lord bless you abundantly, my friend.


  4. I will miss you, dear Wendy! Congrats on 30 years … commitment is the one thing that can’t leave. While love and passion may not be evident during some seasons, commitment has to stay … Have a blessed summer, and may you enjoy another 30 years of committed hearts 🙂

  5. I will surely miss your posts, but I pray that you have a very refreshing time this summer.

    This particular post made me think of a very difficult day that my little A had over the weekend. I was at my wit’s end, we were both exhausted, but at the end of the day my heart was bursting with love for her. Sweet child, I hope she and her brother always know not just our love but God’s love for them.

    Many blessings to you and Ian! V and I celebrate 12 years in July. Unconditional love from Jesus has brought us this far!!

    Looking forward to hearing from you when you return–Alison

    • Alison, you have such a tender mother heart. I believe that you and your daughter will enjoy a close bond forever. My daughter is now 13 and we tell each other, “I love you!” often. We also have short spats too. 😉 xo

  6. This so well expresses what love is! Beautiful! We celebrated our 28th anniversary in May. God’s grace and unconditional commitment have brought us this far…so grateful. Have a wonderful, well-deserved time off, Wendy!

  7. Your words seem especially profound today as I read them. We will be married 36 years this summer, but I don’t feel old enough for that.
    Always enjoy the photos, too.
    We had 89mm (3.5in) of rain overnight, which flooded our entire backyard garden and flowerbeds. Maybe I should build an ark, with love, of course! I missed you while I was away, and will miss your contributions while you are away, but be blessed by the rest.

    • I was thinking of your ark comment yesterday as it has rained here more than normal for June. It’s giving me a break from watering and we’ve had to shut off our not needed sprinkler system… (for now). 🙂 Congratulations on 36 yrs to you both – Awesome!

  8. Following your new blog! I’ll miss seeing your posts arrive in my “IN” box : ) Enjoy your time in July, and I’ll look forward to “seeing” you again! Hugs from Teresa

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